Waste Treatment and Resource Management

The research group "Waste Treatment and Resource Management" focuses on various issues of waste prevention, waste recycling and the sustainable use of resources in order to aid climate protection. We emphasize a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach as well as the development of integrated solutions. Thereby particular focus is laid upon the application of technology in various practical engineering tasks. This key aspect in our work is further supported by the fact that several of our staff members have worked in the private sector for a representative number of years. Also, we are proud of cooperations with several industrial partners.

Our project involves contributions from bachelor and master students. In this way the working group benefits from qualified students and at the same time students gain a practical training.

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Research group "Waste Treatment and Resource Management" (from left to right): Julika Knapp, Christian Ebner, Jacqueline Winkler, Anke Bockreis, Thomas Lichtmannegger, Alice do Carmo Precci Lopes, Marco Wehner, Sabine Robra, Dominik Kornthaler

Research activities

   Waste Treatment and Resource Management

   National and International Waste Management

   Mechanical and Biological Waste Treamtent (MBT)

   Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Composting


   Environmental Monitoring

   Urban/Landfill Mining

   Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)



Project              Start
AlpinHanfHarvester2 2022 2023


FFG Innovationscamp 2022 2024

FFG Innovationscamp - Kreislaufmanager*in im Bauwesen

Raiqa 2021 2021

Scientific support of the "Raiqa" deconstruction project

Organic cotton 2020 2021

Investigation of the biological degradation of textiles made from organic cotton

2strategies4AD 2020 2023

Optimizing anaerobic digestion, a two-strategy approach

 Audi Nines 2019 2019

Assessment of the environmental impacts of the "Audi Nines" event

FAFODI 2018 2021

Optimized Concept for the Maintenance of Grease Traps to reduce Pollutants and recover Resources

CIRCE 2017 2020

Expansion of Circular Economy concept in the Central Europe local productive districts: 
Waste Avoidance in Enterprises by Circular Economy

COMITO 2018 2019

Waste Water Treatment Plants interacting with Waste Management and the Energy Sector: A German-Austrian Dialogue (COMITO)

ENARA 2017 2018

Processing the biogenic fraction of residual solid waste into a co-substrate for biodigestion in digester towers at wastewater treatment plants

MehrWert for Innsbruck 2016 2019 Reusable Cups for Coffee to go
Biopot 2016 2018

Bio-energy made from cooking fat – potential of mixed fat wastes as resource for biodiesel

AraFerm 2012 2017 Pretreatment of Substrates and Co-Ferments; Production of renewable energy from organic food waste in water purification plants – investigation of the impact on the technical and economical viability
Organic fraction from MSW 2014 2016 Evaluation of treatment processes for the separation of a organic fraction from mixed household waste for the utilisation in the digestor of a waste water treatment facility
Treatment of dry biowaste 2015 2015
Assessment of treatment options for dry biowaste;
Feasibility study - technical and economical aspects
Biowaste for Co-Digestion 2015 2015
Process options for the amendment of an existing composting facility with a separation of the wet organic from biowaste for the utilisation in the digestor of a waste water treatment facility;
Feasibility study - technical and economical aspects
Benchmarking in the Waste Management Sector
2013 2015 Comprehensive assessment of the Austrian waste management infrastructure regarding the targets of the austrian waste management regulation (Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz). Development of scenarios for further improvement; Joint project of the universities TU Wien, BOKU Wien, TU Leoben und LFU Innsbruck
GastroFuel 2013 2015 Biogenic Waste Potentials - GastroFuel; Assessment of a newly developed system for the collection and preparation of food waste and grease separators from canteens for the direct utilisation in C-digestion plants; quality of the prepared food waste, logistics of collection, life-cycle analysis; in cooperation with Institute of Microbiology and developing company “MEIKO”
"Bioenergie aus der Küche" 2013 2014 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and lifecycle costing of  different options  of the collection and utilisation of used cooking grease from households; e.g. biodiesel, combined heat and power, biogas plant
Pyramet 2013 2014 Potentials of Biogenic Residual Materials - Pyramet; Development of an novel pyrolysis technology for the treatment of metal-rich wastes and biomass; investigation of the process efficiency, emissions, energy balance, life-cycle analysis; cooperation project with the developer of the pyrolysis technology
MBT demonstration plant Tunisia 2013 2014 Assessment of the viability of Mechanical-Biological Treatment for the treatment of tunisian waste; Supervision of MBT demonstration trials in Mjerda (Tunisia)
Biowaste treatment plant Roppen 2013 2014 Assessment of different biogas systems for the biowaste treatment plant Roppen – Feasibility study - technical and economical aspects
Landfill Mining 2013 2013  Determination of the inventory of a landfill in Tyrol with valuable materials. Assessment of the economic feasability of a landfill mining
AshTreaT 2012 2014 Wood Ash Recycling in Alpine Forest; Utilisation of biomass incineration bottom ash. Life-cycle analysis (LCA) on different treatment options and impact of the application in forests to the environment
BioGAP 2012 2014 Biogas and Ash Processing; Potential of biomass incineration bottom ash for the upgrading of biogas
BioKasEn  2012 2013 BioKasEn - Cascading Approach of Biogenic Waste through Converting into Lactate up-front a Digestion Plant and the Assessment of the Impact on the Energy Efficiency

Ecological evaluation waste treatment (Karlsruhe)

 2012 2013 

Waste analysis Rhein-Lahn-Kreis

 2012 2013  Compositional analysis of the residual and packaging waste of the district of Rhein-Lahn Kreis

Ecological evaluation biowaste treatment (Starnberg-AWISTA)

 2012 2012  Life cycle anylsis of different treatment options of biowaste (source separated kitchen and garden waste)
Waste Management concept Wörgl 2012  2012  Development of a waste management strategy for the city of Wörgl
Eco Emballage (France) 2012  2012  Development of a process concept for the separation of plastics and metals from mixed household waste

Ecological evaluation compost plant (Würzburg)

 2011 2012  Ecological evaluation of different options for the biowaste treatment of the City of Würzburg
Symevad (France) 2011  2012  Technical due diligence of several propals for a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant (MBT) in France
South Africa 2011  2012  Development of a waste treatment concept for a treatment facility in Cape Town (South Africa)
Handbook waste characterisation 2011  2012  Development of a waste characterisation handbook with focus on analyses in developing and emerging countries and for the assessment in terms of recycling and production of refuse derived fuels
Reduction of chlorine in RDF  2011 2012  Investigations on options to reduce the chlorine content in refuse derived fuels (RDF)
MBT concept Tunisia 2011 2012  
MBT Norway 2010 2012 Consultancy on the design execution and evaluation of a trials on the treatment of MSW in Norway
MBT worldwide (Voith) 2010 2011 Study on the world-wide potential of mechanical biological treatment plants
Mechanical treatment pant Ahrental 2010 2010 Investigations on the performance of the mechanical waste treatment facility Ahrental (Innsbruck) with respect to mass balance and quality of the different products
Refitting of a biological waste treatment plant (Quarzbichl) 2009  2012 
Removel of contraries (Quarzbichl) 2009   2011  


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