AshTreaT - Wood Ash Recycling in Alpine Forest


This project is conducted in cooperation with the alpS Centre for Climate Change Adaptation. Therefore, it is funded through the COMET programme of the BMVIT (Federal Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology) and the BMWFJ (Federal Ministry for Economy, Family and Youth) and administrated by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency). Further, alpS is co-funded by the Austrian Provinces of the Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

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Funding period: 04/2012 – 03/2014


The Austrian directive “recycling of biomass ashes in agriculture and forestry” specifies the options for the utilising of biomass ashes in Austria.

The research project “AshTreaT” aims to determine suitable forest areas and reviews possible options for closing nutrient cycles and recycling loops by applying untreated wood-ash in alpine forests. For this reason an integrated and economically feasible concept for a practical regional solution is to be developed and evaluated. A special wood-ash product for woodland melioration will be designed. The spreading of this wood ash product will be tested with conventional spreading and application techniques.

The tests will be accompanied by a monitoring program over the project period of 2 years and a comprehensive life cycle analysis will be carried out by Instiute for Infrastructure.


  • alpS - Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Technologies),
  • University of Innsbruck, Institute for Microbiology,
  • Biomasse Wärmeversorgung Rankweil GmbH; DAKA Entsorgungsunternehmen GmbH & Co.KG;
  • Nahwärme Götzis GmbH;
  • Naturwärme-montafon biomasse-heizkraftwerk gmbH;
  • Tiroler Wasserkraft AG;
  • Vorarlberger Illwerke AG


Universität Innsbruck
Univ-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Bockreis
Technikerstrasse 13
6020 Innsbruck

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