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Reachability psb

From 04.05.2020 the projekt.service.office will be (largely) open again. Furthermore we are also available via e-mail and partly by phone.

All internal training measures of psb within the scope of personnel development were postponed until fall. For further information, please contact the respective lecturers.

Corona & Third-party Funded Research

General information

All employees of the Universität Innsbruck may, until further notice, decide at their own discretion, with good judgement and in consultation with their superiors, whether the work is to be performed (partially) in the home office or whether it is necessary for work requirements to be at the place of work.

If you have any questions regarding employments, please contact the HR department by e-mail as soon as possible personalabteilung@uibk.ac.at.

Below you will find a collection of information (as of 25.05.) about the measures with which the individual funding bodies react to Corona. This is updated continuously as soon as new information becomes available.


The FWF is attempting to mitigate the effects of the corona crisis for researchers by offering fast and flexible funding in its various programmes. The FWF has published a dedicated website and comprehensive FAQ on Corona.

Changes to application deadlines:

  • PEEK: 29.5.2020,
  • #connecting minds: 06.06.2020
  • doc - funds: 08.06.2020,
  • top-citizen-science: 20.6.2020
  • ASMET Forschungspreis: 30.06.2020
  • Herzfelder Stiftung, Weiss-Preis, netidee science und ASMET-Forschungspreis 30.6.2020

Signatures: The staff of the psb can be reached via e-mail. Dr. Kurt Habitzel can also be reached by phone at extension 34400.

  • COMET - call prolonged until 23th June 2020
  • Talente Praktika - call prolonged until 31th July 2020.

The FFG has installed a corona information page, the following measures are taken:

  • The customer advisory service works by telephone, electronically or via remote meeting.
  • The assessment of the research bonus is fully digital, there are no restrictions.
  • Advisory board and jury meetings are conducted digitally as planned
  • We are working on the electronic signing of contracts.
  • Focus on the liquidity of our customers: Funding installments are paid out quickly.
  • On-site audits are handled by sending documents or carried out remotely, if this is possible for the funding recipient.
  • Deadlines for the submission of tenders are extended if necessary.
  • We process our clients' requests for extension of deadlines, deferral of loan repayments, etc. with the greatest flexibility.
  • Reminders e.g. for the return of subsidy contracts or reports are suspended.
  • Promotion of internships: we act flexibly in case of interruptions or deadlines.

The OeNB will try to find accommodating solutions to all other project implementation issues.

Horizon 2020

The EC has put up a website detailing new call deadlines.

Alongside, the EC has put together a comprehensive COVID19 FAQ.

A dedicated Website has been set up for MSCA.


The OeAD has provided a dedicated website with information. Costs such as cancellation fees can be claimed with reference to "force majeure".


The 2020 COST Open Call (OC-2020-1) will be postponed by 6 months and will now close on Thursday 29 October instead of Wednesday 29 April. Further information.

Austrian Academy of Sciences

The submission deadline for DOC has been changed as follows: 20.08. - 15.09.2020

Deadline extensions for invoicing can be agreed directly with Dr. Haberl, and cost-neutral extensions can also be applied for

Travel cancellations can be negotiated individually with ÖAW - case by case consideration.

State of Tyrol (incl. TWF)

With regard to an extension of the settlement deadline, there are different regulations, depending on the funding scheme:

  • K-Regio: possible
  • TWF: not possible
  • Other subsidies Provincial government of Tyrol: case-by-case arrangements

Changes in the accounting modalities:

  • SAT: K-Regio: Scans suffice
  • TWF: no
  • other subsidies Land Tirol: no

Possibility of cancellation for trips due to Corona:

  • SAT: K-Regio: still being checked, but at least within the framework of overhead costs
  • TWF: Case-by-case arrangements
  • Other subsidies in the province of Tyrol: individual case-by-case arrangements

Possibility of (extra) project extension:

  • SAT: K-Regio: In justified exceptional cases yes
  • TWF: no changes
  • Other subsidies in the province of Tyrol: individual case-by-case arrangements
Autonomous Province of Bolzano

The deadline for submitting the 2019 costs remains 31.07.2020, but only the settlement form and the personnel cost statement should be sent in digital form.

No original receipts are currently required.



  • Interreg Alpenrhein-Bodensee-Hochrhein: Extension of deadline for accounting until 30.04.2020
  • Interreg Alpine Space, as well as Interreg Italy-Austria and Interreg Austria-Bavaria: reporting period runs until 30.06.20


  • Interreg Alpine Space: Cancellation costs can be considered eligible from 24 February 2020 (force majeure) if they cannot be recovered and the justification is documented.

The OeAD has provided a dedicated website with information.

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