Neuerscheinung | Marjan Colletti, Peter Massin (Hg.): Meeting Nature Halfway

Präsentation der neuen Publikation aus dem Institut für Experimentelle Architektur.Hochbau

Buchvorstellung am 27. Juni 2018, 18.00 Uhr im Rahmen der Bachelorausstellungseröffnung
im Foyer des Architekturgebäudes, Technikerstraße 21

Sonderpreis am Eröffnungstag: 20 € (statt 39,90 €)

Marjan Colletti, Peter Massin

Shajay Bhooshan · Jaafar Chalabi · Peter Cook · Marcos Cruz · Oliver Domeisen · Volker Flamm · Georg Grasser · Stefan Holst · Marc Ihle · Nathan King · Johannes Ladinig · Bart Lootsma · Rames Najjar · Adam Orlinski · Clemens Preisinger · Ali Rahim · Yael Reisner · Francois Roche · Stefan Rutzinger · Franz Sam · Pino Scaglione · Kristina Schinegger · Gilbert Sommer · Theodore Spyropoulos · Robert Stuart-Smith

What it is about

The hefty weight of responsibility – both in terms of economy and in particular ecology – which was recently put upon the discipline’s shoulders drastically challenges the conventions of architectural design. Architecture can no longer ignore nature; on the contrary: it must act as a prosthetic device for it towards the creation of an architecture 2.0 – a new kind of synthetic ecosystem where the natural domain and the artificial domain coexist. 
For twoandahalf years, the Unit Hochbau at the Institute for Experimental Architecture of the University of Innsbruck
has operated under the umbrella theme ‘Meeting Nature Halfway’. The resulting research gathers a multitude of design-based, technology-based and environment-based perspectives on how architecture interfaces between digital/building technology and environment.

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