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Nerve cells in colour

A novel antibody colors all nerve cells in the model organism Hydra: Scientists were able to observe astonishing details of neuronal stimulus transmission in the nerve network of the freshwater polyp. Bert Hobmayer and his team from the Institute of Zoology contributed to the recently published findings, which are relevant for neurobiology and developmental biology.

Impor­tant genetic ori­gin of our senses iden­ti­fied

Researchers have deciphered the function of a gene that is essential for the formation of neural structures in the head of vertebrates and their perception of the environment. A group of international researchers led by the University of Oxford and including Ute Rothbächer's team at the University of Innsbruck’s Institute of Zoology, published their findings in Nature.

The Hippo and the Hydra

A new study describes the development of the body axis in the immortal freshwater polyp Hydra. It is controlled by the so-called Hippo signaling pathway, which, among other functions, ensures that our organs do not continue to grow indefinitely. The Department of Zoology at the University of Innsbruck was significantly involved in the research and provided important data.


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We are a community of researchers, students, staff, and visitors interested in how animals develop, function, behave, and interact. We conduct research at multiple levels of organization - from the cellular basis, function, and behavior of animals to the interactions between organisms and humans. To this end, we maintain intensive relationships on a national and international level and cooperate with other institutes and scientific institutions around the world.

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