Reinhard Rieger-Award in Zoomorphology

The Reinhard Rieger-Award is given in memory of the zoologist Reinhard Rieger (1943 - 2006). The prize is awarded annually for outstanding research in the field of zoomorphology.

Its purpose is to recognize an outstanding research article from the entire spectrum of functional and evolutionary morphology in the animal kingdom. Preference will be given to studies that are convincing in their potential to elucidate changes in morphologies and functions in the broader ecomorphological and evolutionary framework.

The award was initiated by Prof. Dr. Wilfried Westheide in 2008.

The selection committee includes the chief executive editors of the two journals and one representative of the Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology at the Institute of Zoology (University of Innsbruck, Austria).

All papers published in or accepted by "Zoomorphology" will be evaluated by the selection committee.  Corresponding authors of price-winning manuscripts will be informed about the decision immediately after the selection has been made.


Present and past members of the international reviewing panel are: Rick Brusca (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, USA); Alan Hodgson (Rhodes University, South Africa); Julia Sigwart (Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt, Germany), Roland Melzer (Zoologische Staatssammlung München, Germany); Daniel G. Blackburn (Trinity College Hartford, USA); Martin Vinther Sørensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), William M. Kier (University of North Carolina, USA), Elena N. Temereva (Moscow State University, Russia), Guenter Purschke (Universiy of Osnabrück, Germany), Carsten Lüter (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Germany), Steven Perry (University of Bonn, Germany), Annalisa Berta (San Diego State University, USA), Peter Michalik (University of Greifswald, Germany), Cheryl Wilga (University of Rhode Island Kingston, USA), Janice Voltzow (University of Scranton, USA), Fernando Pardos Martinez (University of Madrid, Spain), Rick Hochberg (University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA), Katrine Worsaae (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Andreas Wanninger (University of Vienna, Austria), M.B. Thompson (University of Sydney, Australia), S. Tyler (University of Maine, USA), A. Haas (University of Hamburg, Germany), M.H. Wake (University of California/Berkley, USA), G. Giribet (Harvard University, USA), S. Harzsch (University of Greifswald, Germany), P. Wainwright (University of California/Davis, USA), J.M. Starck (University of Munich, Germany), T. Bartholomaeus (University of Bonn, Germany), M.S. Fischer (University of Jena, Germany), A. Goldschmid (University of Salzburg, Austria), R. Kristensen, (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), A. Minelli (University of Padova, Italy), W. Westheide (University of Osnabrück, Germany).


Inquiries about the submission should be addressed to:, or to:

Award winners:

2020 Jannik Schnier, Wilko H. Ahlrichs, Alexander Gruhl, Christian Schulbert, Sebastian Teichert, Alexander Kieneke  for the paper: Ultrastructure of the epidermal gland system of Tetranchyroderma suecicum Boaden, 1960 (Gastrotricha: Macrodasyida) indicates a defensive function of its exudate.ZOOMORPHOLOGY 138: 443-462   papers
2019 Viktor V. Starunov for the paper: The organization of musculature and the nervous system in the pygidial region of phyllodocid annelids.ZOOMORPHOLOGY 138: 55-71   papers
2018 1st Prize: Seth Tyler, Ani Varjabedian, Efrat Hamami for the paper:Functional morphology of the venom apparatus of Prorhynchus stagnalis (Platyhelminthes, Lecithoepitheliata).ZOOMORPHOLOGY 137, Issue 3, 2018: 19-29 2nd Prize: Anna Mikhlina, Alexander Tzetlin, Elena Vortsepnevafor the paper:Renewal mechanisms of buccal armature in Flabellina verrucosa (Nudibranchia: Aeolidida: Flabellinidae).ZOOMORPHOLOGY 137, Issue 3, 2018: 31-50   papers
2017 1st Prize: Hannah E. Westlake and Louise R. Page for the paper:Muscle and Nerve Net Organization in Stalked Jellyfish (Medusozoa: Staurozoa)JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 278:29–49 (2017) 2nd Prize: Hiroki Higashiyama, Tatsuya Hirasawa, Yasuhiro Oisi, Fumiaki Sugahara, Susumu Hyodo, Yoshiakira Kanai, Shigeru Kuratanifor the paper:On the Vagal Cardiac Nerves, with Special Reference to the Early Evolution of the Head–Trunk InterfaceJOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 277:1146–1158 (2016)   papers
2016 1st Prize: Ekin Tilic, Jörn von Döhren, Björn Quast, Patrick Beckers & Thomas Bartolomaeus. for the paper:Phylogenetic Significance of Chaetal Arrangement and Chaetogenesis in Maldanidae (Annelida).ZOOMORPHOLOGY 134: 383-401 (2015) 2nd Prize: Alf S. Dalum, Lars Austbø, Håvard Bjørgen, Karsten Skjødt, Ivar Hordvik, Tom Hansen, Per G. Fjelldal, Charles McL Press, David J. Griffiths, and Erling O. Koppang.for the paper:The Interbranchial Lymphoid Tissue of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar L) Extends as a Diffuse Mucosal Lymphoid Tissue throughout the Trailing Edge of the Gill Filament.JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 276: 1075–1088 (2015)   papers
2015 Theodore A. Uyeno and William M. Kier for the paper:The Structure and Function of a Muscle Articulation-Type Jaw Joint of a Polychaete Worm.JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 276: 403-414 (2014) Elisabeth Lipke, Martin J. Ramirez and Peter Michalik for the paper:Ultrastructure of Spermatozoa of Orsolobidae (Haplogynae, Araneae) With Implications on the Evolution of Sperm Transfer Forms in Dysderoidea.JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 275: 1238-1257 (2014)   papers
2014 Jonas Keiler, Stefan Richter, Christian S. Wirkner for the paper:Evolutionary morphology of the hemolymph vascular system in hermit and king crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomala)JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 274: 759-778 (2013)   paper
2013 Sarah Longo, Marc Riccio, and Amy R. McCunefor the paper:Homology of Lungs and Gas Bladders: Insights from Arterial Vasculature.JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 274:687–703 (2013)   paper
2012 José Eduardo A.R. Marianfor the paper:Spermatophoric reaction reappraised: Novel insights into the functioning of the loliginid spermatophore based on Doryteuthis plei (Mollusca: Cephalopoda).Zoomorphology (2012) 273:248–278   paper
2011 Birgen H. Rothe, Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa and Alexander Kienekefor the paper:The nervous system of Neodasys chaetonotoideus (Gastrotricha: Neodasys) revealed by combined confocal laserscanning and transmission electron microscopy: evolutionary comparison of neuroanatomy within the Gastrotricha and basal ProtostomiaZoomorphology (2011) 130:51–84   paper
2010 Nalani K. Schnell, Ralf Britz and G. David Johnsonfor the paper:New Insights into the Complex Structure and Ontogeny of the Occipito-Vertebral Gap in Barbeled Dragonfishes (Stomiidae, Teleostei)JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 271:1006–1022 (2010)   paper
2008 Katrine Worsaae and Greg W. Rousefor the paper:Is Diurodrilus an Annelid?JOURNAL OF MORPHOLOGY 269:1426–1455 (2008)   paper
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