University Continuing Education Programme
Propedeutic Studies in Psychotherapy

This continuing education programme aims at introducing to the theoretical and practical fundamentals and basic concepts of Psychotherapy, at enabling first experiences in the fields of psychosocial care, at promoting self-reflection and coming to terms with own experiences and at helping students to find out about their personal suitability.

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Final Examination Certificate from the University of Innsbruck

4 semesters/120 ECTS-Credits Part-time

Study Code
UC 992 818

each semester

3.200 EUR
(subject to changes)



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Qualification profile

  • Knowledge of psychotherapeutic schools, theories and methods
  • Knowledge from other disciplines such as communication and interaction research, medicine, psychology, 
    education and philosophy
  • Graduates are entitled to complete the continuing education programme in one of the training institutions approved
    by the Ministry of Health 
  • Graduates are able to use their basic psychotherapeutic skills in other professions
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Target group


  • who want to pursue a training in Psychotherapy
  • who want to further their knowledge about the fundamentals of Psychotherapy
  • who want to gain scientifically sound basic knowledge for working in the field of psychosocial support and care.
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  • to be admitted to the continuing education programme the requirements specified in §10 para. 1 of the Psychotherapy Act must be met
  • Participation in a continuing education course requires admission as non-degree student.


Mag. Wolfgang Egger

+43 512 507-44606Sabrina Hauser, MSc

+43 512 507-44625

Department of Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Studies
Schöpfstraße 3
6020 Innsbruck

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Maria-Pia Andreatta
Department of Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Studies

Priv.-Doz. Mag. Mag. Dr. Gianluca Crepaldi
Department of Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Studies

assoz. Prof. Dr. Pia Andreatta
Dr. Gianluca Crepaldi
assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Arthur Drexler
Mag. Sabine Feuerstein, MSs
Dr. Verena Günther
Hon.-Prof. Dr. Michael Kierein
Dr. Christian Koppelstätter
Dr. Kornelia Krepp
Priv.doz. Dr. Martin Kumnig
Dr. Martin Moritz
Dr. Felicitas Lobendanz
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Marksteiner
Dr. Harald Meller
assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Hermann Mitterhofer
Mag. Robert Daniel Patterer
Dr. Paul Plener
Mag. Dr. Thomas Pletschko
Dr. Thomas Post
Dr. Barbara Preitler
Mag. Doris Psenner
Mag. Dr. Gisela Pusswald
Dr. Friederike Rothe
Mag. Kristin Scharfetter, MSc
Wolfgang Schüers, MSc
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barbara Sperner-Unterweger
Dr. Maria Stippler-Korp


Schedule and Dates are found on the website of the programme.


University of Innsbruck
Schöpfstraße 3
6020 Innsbruck


General Information for the Registration for Continuing Education Programmes

Participation in the university continuing education courses requires the admission as a non-degree student.

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