As a research and competence center for planning, construction, operation and management of transport systems, our focus is on the transport modes of pedestrian, bicycle, motorized individual and public transport on the transport routes road, rail and cable car.

As a member of the research areas Alpine Infrastructure Engineering and Tourism and Recreation the research area is integrated into the research focus Mountain Regions of the University of Innsbruck.

Information on research projects can be found subdivided into the following departments


Traffic planning, traffic engineering and traffic management

In the consideration of transport systems, we start from the needs of people and take into account the social, economic and ecological interrelationships as well as the system interrelationships with regard to the use of space.


Road construction and maintenance


Railroad construction and operation

International and national research projects in the areas of travel time and energy consumption, dimensioning of track systems, running behavior of rail vehicles, assessment and approval of new vehicles, rail wear, rails with asymmetrical profiles, various permanent way measurements also for high-speed travel, bridge crossings with ballasted permanent way and slab track with continuously welded rails, switches with roller devices, local public transport, cable car construction.

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