Exam preparation

Recommended reading

The following books and scripts are recommended for exam preparation:
Strength of Materials VO: H. Mang; G. Hofstetter Strength of Materials 4th edition ISBN 978-3-642-40751-2
Strength of Materials UE : R. Stark Strength of Materials: Tasks and Solutions ISBN 3-211-29699-9
VO FEM - Linear Strength Analysis: Scriptum
VO FEM - Nonlinear Strength Analys es: Scriptum
Structural analysis: script

Our scripts are available at Study !

Old exam examples

You can find examples of past exams here. This area is only accessible for students and members of the University of Innsbruck. Please use username ("c-identifier", e.g. csaf12345) and password ("mailpassword") of the basic validation service of the University of Innsbruck.

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