Exams & Examinations

Dates for exams and examinations
VO examination (844104/ 844106 / 844107 / 844122)
Tuesday 24/09/202408:00-12:15HSB3, HSB2, HSB1
Friday 29/11/202408:00-12:15HSB3
Friday 31/01/202508:00-12:15HSB3
Written exam 844130 UE Strength of Materials 2
1. ExamAnnouncement in progress
2. ExamAnnouncement in progress
3. ExamAnnouncement in progress
4. ExamAnnouncement in progress
Substitute examAnnouncement in progress

Examination 844192 VU Mechanics of Materials  
Will be announced during the course.

Examination 844195 VU Surface structures
Will be announced during the course.

VO examination (844104 / 844106 /844107 / 844122)
Friday 15/03/202412:00-16:15HSB3
Friday 17/05/202408:00-12:15HSB3
Friday 28/06/202412:30-16:45HSB3 and probably others
Written exam 844128 UE Strength of Materials 1
1.ExamThursday 25/04/202413:30-14:45HS A, HS B
2.ExamThursday 23/05/202413:30-14:45HSB3, HSB2
3.ExamThursday 13/06/202413:30-14:45HS A, HS B
4.ExamMonday 01/07/202410:15-11:30HS A, HS B
Substitute examMonday 30/09/202410:30-11:45HSB3
Written exam 844123 UE Strength of Materials in Mechatronics
1.ExamMonday 15/04/202413:30-14:30HSB3
2.ExamMonday 06/05/202413:45-14:45HSB3
3.ExamMonday 03/06/202413:45-14:45HSB3
4.ExamMonday 24/06/202413:45-14:45Großer Hörsaal
Substitute exam
Written exam 844164 UE Structural Analysis
1.ExamFriday 26/04/202413:30-16:30HSB3, HSB2
2.ExamFriday 21/06/202413:00-16:00HSB3, HSB2
Substitute exam
Exam registration
Written exams

Registration for examinations and written examinations must be made via LFU:online at the latest one week before the respective examination or written examination date. After the deadline, registration requests will be rejected.

You can also deregister via LFU:online up to three days before the examination or exam date at the latest. If you do not appear for an examination/exam without having deregistered, you will be blocked from taking part in the following examination/exam in accordance with the provisions of study law.

Commissioned examination

For board examinations (fourth and fifth examination or third and fourth repetition), please send the completed application form to the secretariat (Festigkeitslehre@uibk.ac.at) at least 2 weeks before the examination date. The document, signed by the members of the examination senate, will be forwarded directly by the secretariat to the Examinations Office.

It is absolutely necessary to register via LFU:online in due time.

Oral exams

 To register for the oral examinations, please contact your course instructor.

You can find exam examples of past exams in the respective OLAT exam preparation course.

VO Strength of Materials 1
VO Strength of Materials 2
VO Structural Analysis

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