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The teaching tasks include the compulsory courses in mechanics for the bachelor's programs in civil and environmental engineering, mechatronics and electrical engineering, in which the basics of kinematics, statics and dynamics of solid and liquid bodies are covered. In the Master's program in Civil and Environmental Engineering, the work area is responsible for training in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering. For the doctoral program in technical sciences, further courses involve an in-depth examination of problems in applied mechanics.


Exam- and Kolloquium Terms
Exam Terms SS 2023 (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Exam Terms SS 2023 (Mechatronics)
Exam Terms WS 2023/24 (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Exam Terms WS 2023/24 (Mechatronics)

Please note that registration via LFU:online is required for all examinations (lectures and exercises).

An- und Abmeldung

Registration for the exams must be done via LFU:online no later than one week before the respective exam date. After the deadline has expired, registration for the exam is no longer possible.

You can also deregister via LFU:online up to three days before the exam date at the latest. After the deadline has expired, deregistration is no longer possible. If you do not appear for an exam despite having registered, you will be blocked from the following date in accordance with the study regulations.

For board examinations (fourth and fifth attempt at the examination or third and fourth repetition) The following rule applies: 
     ● Register on time via LFU:online
     ● Register on time via LFU:online
         ⚬ 1. Prüfer: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Christoph ADAM   
         ⚬ 2. Prüfer: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Michael KAWRZA   
         ⚬ Vorsitz: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Ivan PAULMICHL   
     ● Electronic transmission of the completely completed application form by email no later than three weeks before the planned start of the examination. Signed by the members of the examination senate, the signed form will be sent back to LFU:online once you have registered
     ● Submission of the signed application to the examination office by the student

Mechanics in Mechatronics 1 (gültig ab SS 2022)

Lectures with exercises:
844501 VU Mechanics Advanced Training Course
Mechanics in Mechatronics 2
Mechanics in der Elektrotechnics

Mechanics in Mechatronics 1

The examination results and viewing periods will be announced via OLAT.



The script sales are organized by Studia Technik.

For the courses

Mechanics 1 (LV-Nr. 844511)
Mechanics 2 (LV-Nr. 844513)
Mechanics 3 (LV-Nr. 844515)
Mechanics in Elektrotechnics (LV-Nr. 844541)
• Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering 1 (LV-Nr. 844522)
• Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering 2 (LV-Nr. 844526)

scripts are available.

The prerequisite for purchase is registration for the respective lecture and the associated exercise.

For the courses "Mechanics in Mechatronics 1 (LV No. 844534)" and "Mechanics in Mechatronics 2 (LV No. 844524)" you will find study sheets in the associated OLAT course.


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