Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP)

The Blended Intensive Programme, abbreviated BIP, is a short, intensive cross-border course with joint online and face-to-face elements. It is a new mobility format embedded in the Erasmus Programme and implemented as part of the new Erasmus programme generation (2021-2027).

BIPs are developed on transdisciplinary themes, ideally taking into account the priorities of the Erasmus+ Programme (sustainability, inclusion, civic engagement) and the UN SDGs.
A BIP is jointly organised by at least 3 higher education institutions from 3 different Erasmus+ Programme countries (the University of Innsbruck plus 2 other universities). At least 15 mobile participants from the sending higher education institutions (HEIs) must take part in a BIP.

Students complete a short physical group mobility combined with a virtual phase as part of BIPs. The attendance phase lasts between 5 and 30 days (max. 15 days are funded). Students should receive at least 3 ECTS-Credits for completing the BIP. Blended Intensive Programmes are designed to promote the use of innovative learning and teaching methods and to exploit the possibilities of online cooperation. For students, it offers the opportunity to experience foreign countries as short-term mobility with digital elements.

Students who participate in a BIP as mobile participants receive a grant. The allowance is EUR 70 per day. One day of travel before and after the BIP can also be added and taken into account in the grant. In addition, all students receive a one-time top-up of EUR 50 if they travel in an environmentally friendly way; students with fewer opportunities receive an additional top-up of EUR 100-150, depending on the duration. Example: Summer School of 5 days, 1 day and 1 day departure, travel by train in each case: (5+2) x100+50= EUR 750

After successful participation, students will receive a Transcript of Records with at least 3 ECTS-Credits, which will be credited at the University of Innsbruck according to the OLA (Online Learning Agreement) and must complete an online participation report.

The announcement of a BIP as well as the selection of the participating students takes place directly at the respective institute (announcement is made e.g. on the institute's website, through newsletters, distribution lists, etc.).

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