1669 International Conference Scholarship

By sponsoring conference participation, the University of Innsbruck 1669 - Wissenschafft Gesellschaft supports excellent young researchers to become known in the scientific community.

Information on application and organisation

The 1669 International Conference Scholarship is open to students in Diploma, Master or Doctoral Programmes in all fields of study.

Admission to the University of Innsbruck may have been granted

  • no longer than 4 years ago for Diploma programmes.
  • no longer than 2 years ago for Master programmes.
  • no longer than 3 years ago Doctoral programmes.

Furthermore, the following documents must be available:

  • approved Diploma/Master's Thesis or Dissertation Agreement
  • confirmation of acceptance of the presentation (lecture) for the conference
  • endorsement by the head of the institute (see application form)

The applications must be submitted in person or by e-mail to Christina Plattner before the start of the conference participation or the stay abroad by the respective submission deadline.

During the decision-making process of the International Scholarship Board, the applicant may not yet be abroad. The decision-making process can take up to 4 weeks after the submission deadline.

For each applicant, the support for conference participation abroad by the “Förderkreis 1669” is limited to one sponsorship during the entire duration of the diploma, master's or doctoral programme.

In the guidelines you will find further important aspects that must be observed.

In application form there is a checklist (page 3) with the documents that are additionally required from you.

Current subsidy:
Within Europe up to EUR 1,000
Outside Europe up to EUR 2,000

Submission deadlines*

Applications can be submitted on an ongoing basis.

*Subject to changes

The following documents must be submitted via email to  Christina Plattner no later than 4 weeks after your return:

  • Report - e.g.: scientific networks/ contact, suggestions you take away for your further work, What benefit could be drawn from the conference etc.?

  • “Small thank you” (video) to the Förderkreis 1669:  
    1. The recipient of the scholarship does not necessarily have to appear in the video (possibly film conference building or landscape).
    2. Brief introduction – e.g. “I’m … and am currently at ….. (name of the conference) and would like to say thank you to the Förderkreis 1669 for their support.”
    3. 20 seconds max.
    4. No backlight
    5. Landscape format

  • Portrait photo (should not be a passport photo) - will be used in the annual report of the Förderkreis 1669. 
  1. A short caption to the photo, e.g.: I particularly liked the fact that I was able to make a lot of new contacts, thanks to the Förderkreis 1669 of the University of Innsbruck or similar.
  2. Title of your lecture
  3. Name of the conference and where it took place

For the settlement of accounts, the following documents (original) must be submitted via post or in person to  Nina Pascone

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