LEITINGER Georg Dr., Associate Professor

Georg Leitinger

University of Innsbruck
Department of Ecology

Ecosystem and Landscape EcologyGeorg.Leitinger@uibk.ac.at

 Research interests
  • Ecological Measurements and Global Change Effects (i.e. snow gliding, lysimetry, plant- and soil traits)
  • Soil-plant-atmosphere Continuum (SPAC) and related functional diversity
  • Modelling and mapping of Ecosystem Services
  • Resilience of social-ecological systems
Current Projects

LUCSES: Forecasting impacts of land-use and climate change on ecosystem services from shrub-encroached mountain grassland (FWF, 2021-2025), PI: Georg Leitinger

RESULT-RESilience through synergies between agricULTure and tourism (Austrian Science Fund, 2017-2020, Co-PI: Georg Leitinger)

ClimAgro - Valorization of agriculture for the water supply in context with climate change (Provinz Bozen-Südtirol, 2013-2017). PI: Ulrike Tappeiner, Co-PI: Georg Leitinger

MONALISA - Monitoring key environmental parameters in the Alpine Environment involving science, technology and application (Provinz Bozen-Südtirol, 2013-2016). PI: Ulrike Tappeiner, Co-PI: Georg Leitinger

REGARDS - REsilience of marginal GrAsslands and biodiveRsity management Decision Support (ERA-net BiodivERsA, FWF, 2013-2016). PI: Ulrike Tappeiner, Co-PI: Michael Bahn, Georg Leitinger

COOLING TOWN - Thermal Connectivity between Urban Areas and Surrounding Landscape components in South Tyrol (Provinz Bozen-Südtirol, 2011-2014). PI: Heinl Michael and Leitinger Georg

Courses / Lectures

Bachelor's Programme Biology

  • Ecology (VO 743401)
  • Landscape Ecology (VO 743406)
  • Analysing Ecological Data (VU 743416)
  • Ecological Field Project (PS 743423, PJ 743424)

Master's Programme Ecology and Biodiversity

  • Landscape Ecology (VU 743256, PJ 743257)
  • Advanced Landscape Ecology (SE 743313)
  • Spatial Analysis and Assessment (PJ 743314)
  • Methods in the Advanced Research Project (VU 743251)
  • Ecological Project Study (PJ 743252)
  • Soil Science (VO 743272)
  • Field Course on Soil Classification and Ecological Evaluation (EU 743274)
  • Research Training (SE 743911)
  • Ecological Seminar (SE 743333)
  • Instructions for Scientific Working (PS 743000)

International Double Degree Programme in Environmental Management of Mountain Areas (EMMA)

  • Project Study Environmental Management (PJ 743702)
  • Analysis of Landscape Patterns and Geostatistics (PJ 743705)

Doctor of Philosophy Programme Biology

  • PhD Seminar DP Alpine Biology and Global Change (SE 800976)

Publications Georg Leitinger 2011-2021 


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