Lake and Glacier Ecology


Our group consists of experts in biogeochemistry, microbial and zooplankton ecology, paleolimnology, and photobiology. We work mainly in the Alps, but also in other mountain regions such as the Himalayas, Andes, as well as in Polar regions. The remoteness of those ecosystems makes them prime study objects to address topics related to the impact of climate change and atmospheric deposition.

Our approach is multidisciplinary and includes field and laboratory studies ranging from individual molecules to molecular characterization of diverse communities of organisms considering physical and chemical aspects, as well as catchment characteristics.

Group Members        
  • Ruben Sommaruga Dr.,  Full Professor (Head), Expertise: Plankton Ecology, Photobiology, Biogeochemistry
  • Roland Psenner Dr. Full Professor (Emeritus)
  • Barbara Tartarotti-Alfreider Dr. Priv.-Doz., Research Assistant, Expertise: Zooplankton Ecology, Photobiology
  • Birgit Sattler Dr. Priv.-Doz., Research Associate, Expertise:  Glacier Microbial Ecology
  • Albin Alfreider Dr., Research Assistant, Expertise: Lake Microbial Ecology
  • Chris Bellas Dr., Post-doc Associate, Expertise: Viral ecology
  • Ambre Placide (PhD Student)
  • Ibor Sabás Saludas Dr., Post-doc Associate, Expertise: Physical Limnology, Food-web ecology
  • Boris P. Ilyaschuk Dr., Post-doc Associate, Expertise: Neo- & Palaeolimnology
  • Monika Summerer Dr., Project Assistant
  • Eric Weninger BSc (Student Assistant)
  • Schwenter Patrick BSc (Student Assistant)
  • Gry LarsenMag. (Technician), Supervision area: Water chemistry lab (DOC, CHN, safety)
  • Salvador Morales-Gómez MSc (Technician), Supervision area: Field instrumentation, Microscopy and Flow cytometry
  • Karin Koinig Dr. (external lecturer)

Projects Publications

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