The city of Innsbruck is located in the heart of the Alps in Central Europe – to come here you can go by…

… train:
Coming from Europe, Innsbruck is easily accessible by train. There are international train connections to all European capital cities. The main station “Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof” is situated in the centre of Innsbruck. A useful website for booking train tickets or checking timetables is this one: OEBB. Early booking allows you to get reduced fares (“ÖBB SparSchiene tickets”). 

… coach:
FlixBus offers long-distance buses to Innsbruck from all over Europe. To find a suitable connection, please click here. Get off at Innsbruck (Südbahnstraße) which is close to the bus terminal at the main station.

… car:
You can reach Innsbruck via the A12 or A13 motorway network from all directions. Please note that a digital toll is required for all Austrian motorways. You can buy your digital vignette, Austria's motorway toll ticket here. Coming from Italy, you will be charged extra toll fees when using the A13 motorway.
We invite you to offer car sharing for other researchers coming to the LTRC conference.  You can use this website, for example, to organize car sharing.

… plane: 
Innsbruck Airport is located in the western part of the city. From Innsbruck Airport the Bus F takes you direktly to the centre of Innsbruck.
You can also choose to fly to other cities nearby: Munich (150 km), Salzburg (190 km) or Vienna (500 km). You can use ÖBB trains, FlixBus, an airport shuttle (only from Munich) or a further flight connection (only from Vienna) for your onward journey on to Innsbruck.

For further information concerning your journey to Innsbruck, please click here.

Request your personal Welcome Card, a free guest card, from your Hotel or Airbnb host in advance, so you can use public transport in Innsbruck for free already at your arrival.

Austrian Visa Requirements
For visa requirements, please visit the following webpage of the Austrian government.

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