University of Innsbruck

The University of Innsbruck is happy to welcome you to the 45th Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC 2024).

In 2019, the University of Innsbruck celebrated its 350th anniversary. 350 years of the University of Innsbruck mean 350 years of exciting research and teaching, 350 years of clever minds that show visions, formulate ideas and advance developments, and thus 350 years of interaction with society. The University of Innsbruck sees its anniversary as a milestone on its way into the future. Setting new impulses, living openness, expanding the exchange with the environment, i.e. shaping the future together - these are the goals of the anniversary and beyond.

We would like to actively live this spirit of openness with you during our conference, shaping the future together.


Language Testing Research Group Innsbruck (LTRGI) - The team Innsbruck of the organizing committee

The Language Testing Research Group Innsbruck is a team of young researchers interested in all aspects of language testing. We are active members of the international language testing community including roles in editorial boards, executive committees, SIGs as well as task forces, and we have previously organised the 2012 EALTA conference and the 2018 EALTA Winter School at our university. We have published on a wide range of language assessment topics in the major journals of our field and have contributed to numerous edited volumes. We also have a track record of awards and research grants from language testing boards. In Austria, we have led the national school-leaving exam reform project for the foreign languages 2007-2013 and are still regularly involved in quality assurance procedures and development projects as well as the Austrian educational standards test for English in a scientific monitoring role.

The group is based in the Department of Subject-Specific Education in the Faculty of Teacher Education. The group's coordinator is Benjamin Kremmel.

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