The buddy/mentoring system at the Faculty of Educational Sciences is for students on Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programmes. The aim of the buddy/mentoring system is to support and encourage students in all phases of their study programme and to think and develop the faculty together with them from different perspectives. The dialogue between students and between students and lecturers/researchers is at the heart of our buddy/mentoring system.


Our buddies are experienced students you can contact if you have any questions about your studies. At the beginning of your studies, there is a First Semester Week, which offers various programmes and events over the course of one to two weeks to make it easier for new students to get started. Bachelor's students in higher semesters and Master's students offer peer tutorials for first-semester students, which cover a variety of topics that may be relevant to their studies, but also to their social life or later professional life.

The Student Representation (StV) organises a weekly consultation hour together with the student faculty representation for Bachelor's and Master's students' questions. A regular get-together invites students to engage in more informal dialogue and the job speed dating format brings students and potential future employers together.

The alumni work at the faculty goes in a similar direction, which also tries to bring students together with graduates and enables students to gain first-hand information about and insights into the various professional fields.

Peer buddies support and advise the PhD students (internal and external) of our faculty in all phases of their study programme using their own experience.

Regular get-togethers invite students to share their experiences. In formats co-organised by the students, PhD students can contribute and discuss their own research topics, interests and questions.



Mentors are teaching staff and researchers who act as central contacts and partners for student concerns. They can be contacted by students and support students in all phases of their degree programme so that they can develop their own ideas.

Students are involved in various research projects at the faculty. They are given the opportunity to actively participate in research and subsequently write and present their final theses.

In the faculty's research colloquium, all students and teaching staff are invited to present their current research work to the faculty and discuss it with each other. In the research workshop and the case workshop, co-organised by PhD students, research work in various stages is presented and all participants can support the research process.

Mentors at post-doctoral level encourage PhD students to give academic presentations, attend meetings and conferences and write articles. They not only provide support and advice, but also develop and write joint research contributions.


Peer-Tutor: Lukas Hartmann: lukas.hartmann@uibk.ac.at

PhD-Buddies: Jirko Piberger: jirko.piberger@uibk.ac.at, Stefanie Jäger: s.jaeger@uibk.ac.at

Mentor spokesperson and contact person for the faculty's BMS: Diana Lohwasser: diana.lohwasser@uibk.ac.at

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