What is educational science?

In everyday life, educational science is often associated with school or family. In the study of educational science, however, students deal with theories about the conscious and unconscious processes of human action, forms of socialization and worlds of experience.

This means the entire life span from childhood to old age, the entire spectrum of formal, non-formal and informal educational processes. Teaching and research focus in particular on the relationship between generations and genders, cultures, different living conditions and abilities.

Was Erziehungswissenschaften sind und was Studierende über das Studium zu erzählen wissen, gibt es zum Nachhören im Uni-Podcast.

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Find out all about the Buddy Mentoring System at the Faculty of Education.


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Sup­port for peo­ple with disa­bi­li­ties

All information on support services for people with disabilities at the faculty and university can be found here.

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Rules of Good Scien­ti­fic Prac­tice (GWP)

The University of Innsbruck is committed to all basic principles of good scientific practice and to the guidelines of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity on good scientific practice.  Every scientist has to orientate him/herself according to these guidelines. You can find more information on this here.

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