PROVIDE: Paris Agreement Overshooting – Reversibility, Climate Impacts and Adaptation Needs

Overshooting the Paris Agreement temperature thresholds could have dire consequences, especially for regions and sectors that face potentially irreversible effects or when adaptation limits may be exceeded. To address adaptation needs in such scenarios, PROVIDE will deliver highly innovative, integrative climate services that incorporate comprehensive information on impacts under overshoot pathways from the global to the regional and urban level, directly feeding into adaptation action.

The project specifically aims to: 1) Produce global multi-scenario, multi-sectoral climate information which integrates and quantifies impacts across; 2) Assess climate system uncertainties and feedbacks, and the (ir)reversibility of climate impacts to provide comprehensive risk assessments of overshooting; 3) Co-develop a generalizable overshoot proofing methodology for adaptation strategies; 4) Identify and prioritize overshoot adaptation needs in four highly complementary case study regions; 5) Integrate all project outcomes into a PROVIDE Climate Service Dashboard.

The University of Innsbruck (ACINN) is primarily involved by producing global glacier change projections to the multi-scenario climate information dashboard.


Langenferner glacier (photo Stephan Galos)


Project Leader:


Funding Agency:
European Union - Horizon 2020

Project Duration:
01/12/2021 to 30/11/2024


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