KmMountainsAnalysis: Analysis of Mountain Climate at the Kilometre-Scale Resolution


As part of a PRACE project at the Swiss National Supercomputing Center, we were performing one of the first multi-decadal climate change simulations at the kilometre-scale over High Mountain Asia and further advancing climate assessment over the European Alps by both performing km-scale simulations and improving climate models over this region. The active data storage provided by a PRACE-ICEI project enables us to analyze the extensive climate datasets we have produced and to share insights in peer-reviewed manuscripts. Through our efforts, we will contribute to (i) a better understanding of mountain climate and extreme events at an unprecedented spatial resolution and with a focus on process understanding (ii) improved models for the simulation of climate over complex orography, and (iii) a better understanding of mountain climate change. 


Project Leader:
Nikolina BAN

Funding Agencies:
Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE)
Fenix Research Infrastructure funded by European ICEI  (Interactive Computing E-Infrastructure) project

Project Duration:
01.10.2022 to 30.09.2023


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