Scale interactions in stable boundary layers over mountainous terrain


Scale interactions in stable boundary layers over mountainous terrain


Stable boundary layers (SBLs) are the least-understood group of boundary layers due to suppressed turbulence and interaction of myriad processes on different spatiotemporal scales that form its structure. This is especially true over mountainous terrain SBLs where the influence of complex orography is as yet unknown.

The project is a systematic study of interaction between mesoscale and sub-mesoscale processes and turbulence in stable boundary layers over mountainous terrain. Special focus is placed on the organization of turbulence, the role of orographic phenomena (e.g. gravity waves, valley and slope wind systems) and different orographic scales in determining the turbulence structure in a complex mountain valley. For this purpose a unique multi-year dataset from a network of near-surface turbulent measurements in the Inn Valley, Austria will be used.


Project Leader:

Rotach Mathias

Funding Agencies:
Austrian Science Fund (FWF): T 781-N32

Project Duration:
12/01/2015 to 30/11/2018



Sfyri, E., M. W. Rotach, I. Stiperski, F. C. Bosveld, M. Lehner, and F. ObleitnerScalar-Flux Similarity in the Layer Near the Surface Over Mountainous TerrainBoundary-Layer Meteorology8


Sachsperger, J., S. Serafin, V. Grubišić, I. Stiperski, and A. PaciThe amplitude of lee waves on the boundary-layer inversionQuarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society143
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