Forecasting Low Visibility Procedure States and Resulting Capacities of Airports (LowVisCapFX)

Instrument-landing approach of category IIIb to Vienna
Instrument-landing approach of category IIIb to Vienna airport at 400, 200 , 100 and 50 feet above ground. Stills from

The project will develop an experimental forecasting system for the probability of the occurrence of low-visibility-procedure-states and different instrument-landing-system categories at three different Austrian airports. Poor visibility conditions reduce capacity at these airports leading to delays and/or flight cancellations.
Modern statistical methods combined with historical and current observational, measurement and numerical weather prediction model data are at the core of the forecasting system. The best method will be selected using an end-user (Air Traffic Management) metric (cost-loss).


Project Leader: Georg MAYR

Dietz Sebastian
Kneringer Philipp

External Members:
Co-PI: Zeileis Achim (Department of Statistics, University of Innsbruck)

Funding Agencies:
The Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG 843457

Project Duration:
01/05/2014 to 31/12/2017



Kneringer, P., S. Dietz, G. J. Mayr, and A. ZeileisProbabilistic nowcasting of low-visibility procedure states at Vienna International Airport during cold seasonWorking Papers in Economics and Statistics - University of Innsbruck


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