Investigating spatial inhomogenity of surface layer turbulence in complex terrain (INHOM-TCT)


i-Box Station Hochhäuser
i-Box Station Eggen


In the present project we will use use the long-term data set from the i-Box for essentially two tasks:

  1. to characterize SL turbulence (surface fluxes, integral statistics) and their relative importance at various characteristic sites (‘valley floor’, ‘slope’, ‘mountain top’) in an area of highly complex topography
  2. to explore the degree of applicability of MOST and, if necessary, potential pathways of its extension in complex terrain.

To successfully perform these tasks the post-processing of turbulence data must first be adapted to the conditions of complex terrain.

As a synthesizing view, finally, the findings of the two main tasks will be used in analyzing the spectral characteristics of SL turbulence in complex terrain.


Project Leader:
Mathias ROTACH

Sfyri Eleni
Stiperski Ivana

Funding Agencies:
Austrian Science Fund (FWF): P26290-N26

Project Duration:
23/10/2013 to 23/10/2016

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