University of Innsbruck


Research Interests:

  • Drivers of and trends in organised convection
  • Land-atmosphere interactions
  • Climate dynamics
  • Convection-permitting models




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Publications 2022

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Hänchen, L.; Klein, C.; Maussion, F.; Gurgiser, W.; Calanca, P.; Wohlfahrt, G. (2022): Widespread greening suggests increased dry-season plant water availability in the Rio Santa valley, Peruvian Andes.
    In: Earth System Dynamics 13/1, pp. 595 - 611. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Talib, J.; Taylor, C. M.; Klein, C.; Harris, B. L.; Anderson, S. R.; Semeena, V. S. (2022): The sensitivity of the West African monsoon circulation to intraseasonal soil moisture feedbacks.
    In: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 148/745, pp. 1709 - 1730. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Taylor, C.; Klein, C.; Dione, C.; Parker, D. J.; Marsham, J.; Diop, C. A.; Fletcher, J.; Chaibou, A.; Dignon, B. N.; Shamsudheen, S. V. (2022): Nowcasting tracks of severe convective storms in West Africa from observations of land surface state.
    In: Environmental Research Letters 17/3, No. 034016. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Taylor, CM; Klein, C; Parker, DJ; Gerard, F; Semeena, VS; Barton, EJ; Harris, BL (2022): Late-stage deforestation enhances storm trends in coastal West Africa.
    In: PNAS. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119/2, No. e2109285119. (DOI) (Web link)

Publications 2021

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Barton, E. J.; Taylor, C. M.; Klein, C.; Harris, P. P.; Meng, X. (2021): Observed Soil Moisture Impact on Strong Convection over Mountaineous Tibetan Plateau.
    In: Journal of Hydrometeorology 22/3, pp. 561 - 572. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Klein, C.; Nkrumah, F.; Taylor, C. M.; Adefisan, E. A (2021): Seasonality and Trends of Drivers of Mesoscale Convective Systems in Southern West Africa.
    In: Journal Of Climate 34/1, pp. 71 - 87. (DOI) (Web link)

Journal Article (Other)
  • Klein, Cornelia; Jackson, Lawrence S.; Parker, Douglas J; Marsham, John H; Taylor, Christopher M; Rowel, David P; Guichard, Françoise; Vischel, Théo; Famien, Adjoua Moïse; Diedhiou, Arona (2021): Combining CMIP data with a regional convection-permitting model and observations to project extreme rainfall under climate change.
    In: Environmental Research Letters 16/10, No. 104023. (DOI) (Web link)