ACINN Graduate Seminar - WS 2023/24

2024-01-24 at 12:00 (on-line and on-site)

The Energy-Balance-Closure Problem and Possible Corrections

Matthias Mauder

Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, Germany


The energy-balance-closure problem is a long-standing enigma in micrometeorology. It describes the worldwide phenomenon that, even when using the best techniques and instruments, the surface energy balance cannot be fully closed, and that eddy-covariance measurements tend to underestimate the surface total flux. The main reasons for a systematic lack of energy balance closure are discussed, including atmospheric transport that cannot be described by classical turbulence theory and hence not be captured by single-tower eddy-covariance measurements, including advection by the mean flow and dispersive fluxes induced by secondary circulations. Finally, options for a widely applicable energy-balance-closure correction are presented.




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