ACINN Graduate Seminar - WS 2023/24

2023-12-13 at 12:00 (on-line and on-site)

Introducing the HEFEX II campaign

Lindsey Nicholson, Rainer Prinz, Ivana Stiperski

ACINN, University of Innsbruck, Austria


The HinterEisFerner Experiment (HEFEX II) in summer 2023 was a joint effort of seven universities from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK, embedded in the TEAMx initiative ( and the European Research Council project Unicorn ( The measurement campaign is probably the most comprehensive glacier microclimate experiment in the world and consisted of 11 high specification weather stations/towers with a total of 21 Ultrasonic anemometers measuring wind at multiple heights, and 8 additional lower specification weather stations to capture the temperature and wind variability down the glacier centerline. Additionally, a thermal camera was installed near one of the towers that recorded rapid temperature fluctuations on a fast-reacting fabric screen. All sensors measured successfully during the four-week campaign.  During this campaign we also tested ways to record the environmental atmospheric conditions with atmospheric radiosonde profiling, a StreamLine XR Doppler LiDAR, and targeted 3D sampling of the atmosphere overlying the glacier using a small swarm of meteorological unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that measured every three hours around the clock temperature and humidity along two cross-glacier transects. In this seminar we will present the campaign, the conditions we sampled, and first very preliminary results of the ongoing analysis.



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