Universität Innsbruck

Title: Career orientations, career uncertainties and life goals among young scientists: An international comparison  (Förderbeitrag Hypo Tirol Bank)


Since the late 1980ies developments towards higher organizational flexibility cause changes in the way occupational careers typically proceed. For employees these changes are prevalently associated with increasing uncertainties and discontinuities. These developments are not restricted to free enterprise exclusively but also include universities and the area of science. Main objective of the web-based questionnaire study is an analysis of individual career- and work-orientations, experienced career uncertainty, experienced work stress and interferences between occupational and private life goals among young scientists from Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom. It is hypothized that national differences in career-related frame conditions are reflected by the subjective experiences of the participants. Results of the study should indicate relevant aspects for the beneficial design of working- and career-conditions in academia to increase the attractiveness of scientific careers.