Schweiger, N., Matzler, K., Hautz, J., & De Massis, A. (2023). Family businesses and strategic change: The role of family ownership. Review of Managerial Science.

Gusenbauer, M., Schweiger, N., Matzler, K., & Hautz, J. (2023). Innovation Through Tradition: The Role of Past Knowledge for Successful Innovations in Family and Non-family Firms. Family Business Review, 36(1), 17-36.


Konferenzvortrag (auf Einreichung / Anmeldung)

Schweiger, N.: Family Firms in times of Crisis: A Systematic Literature Review. 23rd Annual Conference of the European Academy of Management (EURAM 2023), Dublin, 16.06.2023.

Schweiger, N.; Zheldak, I.; Matzler, K.: Innovation and Growth Behavior of Family Firms in times of Crisis. 18th EIASM Workshop on Family Business Research (EIASM 2023), Naples, 02.10.2023

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