PhD position: On-field analysis of knee joint biomechanics and neuromuscular control during high-intensity athletic movements

Scientific background

The sports biomechanics and motor control communities are at the verge of entering a new scientific era: Detailed analyses of joint loading and underlying muscular control of athletes in their competition environment are within reach. Such analyses will provide a new (and arguably the most relevant) perspective on athletic performance and injury risk and how these aspects can be influenced by athletic training. A promising approach for achieving on-field analyses of joint biomechanics is to combine IMU and EMG recordings from the movement of interest with musculoskeletal modeling and movement simulation techniques.

Thesis goals

1) Support the development of an analysis framework for investigating on-field knee joint biomechanics and
2) Examine the effects of knee injury prevention training on in-field knee joint biomechanics and underlying neuromuscular control with a specific focus on change-of-direction movements.

We are looking for:

• A team player who respects team mates irrespective of their gender and ethnicity.
• An individual with a background in one or more of the following disciplines: Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Sports Science, Motor Control, Engineering, Informatics.
• Experience with 3D motion analysis.
• Experience with data analysis in MATLAB and/or Python OR a strong motivation to build programming skills within the first six months of the PhD.
• Strong oral and written communication skills.
• Motivation to work with athletes.

What we offer:

• Inclusive and family-friendly working atmosphere at the Department of Sport Science.
• A three-year funded PhD position at the Department of Sport Science at the University of Innsbruck in Austria (in the middle of the Austrian Alps).
• Help to build an advanced skillset in lab and field-based motion analysis and underlying signal processing tools.
• Help fine-tune writing and presentation skills.
• Participation in one international conference per year over three years.
• Participation in a collaborative research project between the University of Innsbruck and the FAU Erlangen, Germany.


Please contact if you are interested in this position.

Advisor: Ass. Prof. Maurice Mohr (University of Innsbruck)
Timeline: Start in Fall 2023, Duration 3 years



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