Happ Elisabeth


Name: MMMag. Elisabeth Happ, PhD.

Email: Elisabeth.Happ@uibk.ac.at

Phone number: +43 512 507 45836

Office location: FH-315

Tutorial hours: by arrangement

Address: Fürstenweg 176, 6020 Innsbruck

ORCID ID: https:\\orcid.org\0000-0002-4046-6804

Research area: Sport economics, Active mobility

Elisabeth Happ, born 1978 in Salzburg, studied sports science & sport management, business administration (focus marketing) and business education at the University of Innsbruck and one semester at the Macquarie University Sydney (graduated 2005). She graduated her Ph.D. (Management) at the University of Innsbruck 2020.

Business profile:

  • Freelancer, Adidas (marketing agency cip) – 2000-2005
  • Product manager international and national & key account manager & strategic marketing, Amer Sports – Salomon, Atomic – 2005-2016
  • Consultant 2016-ongoing

Academic profile:

  • Senior scientist (Post Doc), project management and research at the department of psychology and sports medicine, UMIT TIROL, Austria – 2020-2021
  • Secretary General EASM Conference 2022 Innsbruck


  • Research associate (Post Doc), research, lecturing and supervising/implementing research projects at the department of sport science, University of Innsbruck, Austria – 2016- ongoing (Field: Sport Tourism)
  • Research associate (Post Doc), research and supervising/implementing research projects at the UMIT-TIROL – Institute for Sports Medicine, Alpine Medicine & Health Tourism, Austria – 2022- ongoing (Field: Health Tourism)

Competitiveness and destination management in alpine urban destinations (sports tourism & sport management):

In the year 2020, she graduated from the PhD program (Management) with the title "Sport Businesses in Alpine Tourism Destinations - Analysing Factors of Competitiveness". This title also reflects very well the area of interest, namely, competitiveness of sport stakeholders from different perspectives, such as destination perspective, end consumer perspective, industry perspective and the perspective of governments, to name a few. A very up-to-date topic, which is active mobility and the sustainable use of resources in tourism complements the research area of Ms. Happ.

  • Department of Sport Science, University of Innsbruck (subject area: BA sport management)
  • Department Landeck, University of Innsbruck (subject area: BA Wirtschaft, Gesundheit- und Sporttourismus
  • Private University Schloss Seeburg, Austria (subject area: MA Sport Marketing & Sponsoring)
  • FH Vorarlberg, University of Applied Sciences, Austria (subject area: MA Strategic Marketing)


Highlighted publications:

Happ, E., Schnitzer, M., & Scholl-Grissemann, U. (2023). Ski touring on groomed slopes—Exploring an alpine winter sports trend and potential tourism product. Tourism Management Perspectives, 48, 101155. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tmp.2023.101155

Happ, E., Seidl, M., Zach, F. J., & Schnitzer, M. (2022). A look into the crystal ball of ski destination development-The role of Alpine Summer Parks.

Scholl-Grissemann, U., Peters, M., Bichler, B. F., & Happ, E. (2022). Hiking tourism: educating hikers through the interpretation of on-site information and predicting precautionary behavior. Tourism Review.

Happ, E., Hofmann, V., & Schnitzer, M. (2021). A look at the present and future: The power of emotions in the interplay between motivation, expectation and attitude in long-distance hikers. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 19, 100527. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jdmm.2020.100527

Happ, E. (2021). Tourism destination competitiveness with a particular focus on sport: the current state and a glance into the future–a systematic literature analysis. Journal of Sport & Tourism, 25(1), 66-82. https://doi.org/10.1080/14775085.2021.1888775

Happ, E., Schnitzer, M., & Peters, M. (2021). Sport-specific factors affecting location decisions in business to business sport manufacturing companies: a qualitative study in the Alps. International Journal of Sports Management and Marketing, 21(1-2), 21-48.

Bazzanella, F., Muratore, N., Schlemmer, P. A., & Happ, E. (2021). How the Covid-19 Pandemic Influenced the Approach to Risk Management in Cycling Events. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 14(7), 296. https://doi.org/10.3390/jrfm14070296

Blank, C., Flatscher-Thöni, M., Gatterer, K., Happ, E., Schobersberger, W., & Stühlinger, V. (2021). Doping Sanctions in Sport: Knowledge and Perception of (Legal) Consequences of Doping—An Explorative Study in Austria. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 14(12), 603. https://doi.org/10.3390/jrfm14120603

Happ, E., Scholl-Grissemann, U., Peters, M., & Schnitzer, M. (2020). Insights into customer experience in sports retail stores. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship. https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/IJSMS-12-2019-0137/full/html

Happ, E. (2020). Location decisions of sport manufacturing businesses in tourism destinations–analysing factors of attractiveness. Current Issues in Sport Science (CISS), 5, 006-006.

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