MSCA Doctoral Network

Job Ope­nings for the seiz­mic MSCA Doc­to­ral Net­work

Apply now for one of the 15 PhD positions within the SEIZMIC Doctoral Network! Join leading academic institutions and partners from diverse sectors to collaboratively research the scaling of social enterprises and reshape social entrepreneurship education. 

The project will develop an interdisciplinary theoretical framework explaining the factors influencing SE scaling through replication and imitation.

  • It will evaluate the impact of social entrepreneurship business model design on scaling outcomes, combining quantitative and qualitative assessments. The focus is on identifying design competencies that facilitate scalability and examining how factors like social forecasting and impact measurement support scaling.
  • Furthermore, the project will investigate the intentions and actual outcomes of impact investors in supporting SE scaling in Europe. This involves longitudinal case studies to understand how impact investments contribute to scaling, replication, and imitation of SE initiatives, highlighting competencies needed by impact investors.
  • Next, the seizmic doctoral network will develop an interdisciplinary model for professional learning and curriculum development to enhance SE scaling. This includes training SE educators, conducting longitudinal trials of SE education, and assessing the role of feedback in supporting learning among social entrepreneurs, ultimately contributing to entrepreneurship education.
  • Finally, the network will propose and test a theoretical model on the role of digital ecosystems in SE scaling, exploring bottom-up creativity, digital data politics, and collaborative networks. This also involves training and implementing an AI model specialized in SE scaling to compare the effectiveness of AI and human mentoring, as well as combined mentoring approaches.

Find the list of all 16 doctoral positions and their respective host organizations here.

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