Universität Innsbruck

Aurora Champions and Ambassadors

Our warmest congratulations go to our Aurora Students in Innsbruck, who have successfully completed the Aurora Champions Scheme! Aurora Champions have represented Universität Innsbruck and served as multipliers for Aurora Student work and for the Aurora Alliance projects.

Inaugural year 2020-2021

Duration of role December 2020 - June 2021

  • Stefanie Fasching-Stadlmair – Silver Award
  • Hanna Thaller – Gold Award
  • Valerie Bauder – Gold + Distinction Award
  • Miriam Egger – Gold + Distinction Award
  • Radovan Vodila – Gold +Distinction Award
  • Hanna Rofner - Ambassador

Each Aurora Champion has collected 40-hours of evidence during the academic year, reflecting on values that are important to students and Aurora. The scheme involved:

Academic Skills and Learning - Evidence of 10 Hours

Working Group Representation - Evidence of 10 Hours

Personal Reflection - Evidence of 10 Hours

Pen Pal Activity - Evidence of 10 Hours


Aurora Student Champions End of Scheme Celeberation

  Here you can find more information about the Role Description for the duration period: October 2021 - June 2022.

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