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The teaching focus is centered around Integrative Design, which seeks to address global challenges and crises by emphasizing essential aspects in various educational activities such as lectures, seminars, and design studios. Integrative Design with a focus on the Extremes considers the evolving needs and challenges of society and the environment. The teaching is centered around design processes, critical thinking, speculative scenarios and problem-solving.

The core themes and areas of concentration within this teaching focus include:

  1. Sustainable practices and a practice of environmental responsibility, i.e. strategies to reduce the environmental impact of buildings throughout their entire life cycle such as energy efficiency, and sustainable construction materials.
  2. Focus on designs and systems that not only minimize harm to the environment but actively contribute to its restoration and regeneration.
  3. Utilization of renewable resources, incorporation of bio-inspired design principles and the integration of biological systems into architectural projects.
  4. Advancement of technologies, particularly in areas like 3D printing and sustainable material systems.
  5. Creation of spatial designs and exploration of future scenarios including the design of space habitats or structures for extreme environments. 

Winter 2023/24

Winter Semester 2023/24

Summer 2024

Summer Semester 2023

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