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Integrative Design’s research focus delves into the realms of “Extremes,” where extreme scenarios defining the essence of architecture and the creation of sustainable living environments. Themes encompass space architecture, novel technologies, and the pursuit of minimizing ecological footprints throughout a building’s lifecycle. Integrative Design embraces renewable resources and regenerative practices, fostering an inclusive future. Additionally, this exploration embraces cutting-edge 3D printing technologies, the development of sustainable material systems, and the integration of biological and bio-inspired systems into the fabric of living architecture, advancing the boundaries of design and innovation.


Seminar WS 2023/24

The PhD seminar provides comprehensive support and methodological guidance to doctoral candidates throughout their research journey. It covers all aspects of the doctoral thesis, from topic selection and foundational research to the development of core content, enhancement of presentation skills, and the preparation of research project proposals. This seminar is designed to empower researchers to navigate the entire process of their PhD, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed to succeed at every stage of their academic and research endeavors.

MUSE – MyceliUm SEat

FWF Research Project


The research project MUSE – MyceliUm SEat aims to develop innovative mycelium-based material systems to advance sustainable interior design. It seeks to create a grown material based on mycelium and composite material systems to design a catalog of furniture products that can withstand the demands of daily use. The challenge is to develop a durable and stable mycelium-based material that meets the rigors of everyday life. The project responds to the rapid development of mycelium-based products and focuses on creating a material suitable for commercial use and has the potential to translate research findings into product development and promote sustainable businesses.

MUSE is an interdisciplinary, two-year research project that combines Integrative Design, Biology, and Engineering and is funded by the Science Fund of Tyrol.

Project lead: Prof. Dr. Barbara Imhof, Integrative Design, at the Institute of Experimental Architecture at UIBK, Natalia Piorecka, cand. Ph.D. with expertise in mycelium-based products and 3D printing, Judith Ascher-Jenull, Mag. Dr., Postdoc Senior Scientist

Partner: Mark Stüttler, MRCA Mushroom Research Center Austria GmbH.

Partner: Daniel Feuerstein, Campus Tirol Motorsport Team, UIBK.

Partner: Günter Scheide - Transfer Office UIBK.

Advisory Board: Milena Stavriz, TU - Graz, Institute of Architecture and Media.

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