Faculty Research Seminar

Seminarprogramm Wintersemester 2023/2024


Donnerstags 11:30-12:45

5.10.2023SR 1Lea CassarKeep Calm and Carry On: Immediate- vs. Six-Month Effects of Mindfulness Training on Academic PerformanceHeiner Schumacher
12.10.2023SR 1Wanda MimraThe limits of fair meritocracyDaniela Glätzle-Rützler
19.10.2023SR 1Mirjam StockburgerDoes Smoking Affect Wages?Andreas Steinmayr
31.10.2023SR 15Dominic RohnerHidden hostility: Donor attention and political violenceJohannes Buggle
9.11.2023SR 1Jeffrey GroggerCriminal Charges, Risk Assessment, and Violent Recidivism in Cases of Domestic AbuseAndreas Steinmayr
23.11.2023SR 1Johannes AbelerThe effect of the social environment during childhood on preferences in adulthoodRaphael Epperson
30.11.2023SR 1Leonie GerhardsVoter’s perceptions of politicians’ consistency and promises: experimental evidenceRegine Oexl
7.12.2023SR 1Dongsoo ShinGaining Control by Losing ControlHeiner Schumacher
14.12.2023SR 1Gemma DipoppaFascist ideology and migrant exploitationMarica Valente
11.01.2024SR 1Hannah HennighausenCatastrophic Fires, Human Displacement, and Real Estate Prices in CaliforniaAndrea Leiter-Scheiring
18.01.2024SR 1Stefano CariaMitigating the consequences of job loss: Experimental Evidence from EthiopiaSebastian Butschek
01.02.2024SR 1Bak Youhyun and Yea-rim LeeWorkshop "Korean Green Taxonomy Guidelines and their Economic Implications": Inconvenience True or too Good to be True: Green Bond Premium and Impact of the country Logistics Performance Index(LPI) on CO2 emissions and export performance Anita Gantner

Faculty Research Seminar Sommersemester 2023

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