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Shaghayegh Bandpey, BA MA

About the Person

Shaghayegh Bandpey

Since 10/2022 │ Fellow of the doctoral program „Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization", University of Innsbruck

Since 07/2022 │ PhD student, Faculty of Philosophy and History, University of Innsbruck. Project Title: „Waste: A Critique of Economic Ontology”. Supervisors: Andreas Oberprantacher, Hans-Martin Schönherr-Mann

2018│ MA Philosophy of Art, Tehran University of Art, Iran, master thesis: „The Conception of Author by Foucault"

2014│ BA Handicrafts, Shiraz University, Iran, Bachelor thesis, Theoretical: „The inner dynamics of the mandala in recource to Nizami's epic “Haft Peykar” by C.G. Jung", Practical: "Attempt at articulating the inner structure of Nizami's epic “Haft Peykar” in the form of mandala by C.G. Jung".

PhD project

Waste: A Critique of Economic Ontology

“Creative destruction” is one of the fundamental philosophical principles of current social and discursive, respectively non-discursive, changes. A concept that connects the vertical axis of disparities, that is, capital, credit, and labour markets, with the horizontal, such as language, nationality, religion, gender, etc. This dissertation project searches for the moments and narratives of “creative destruction” by questioning the notion of “waste” as inevitable human doubles. “Waste” as a dual-faced special entity that constantly emerges as both a problem and a solution. “Waste” as something you want to get rid of, but it is by no means worthless. The project attempts to distinguish between the analysis of “waste” as a political-artistic concept and the analysis of commodities and capital by connecting them to two concepts of history, namely continuous and discontinuous history, and accordingly attempts to treat “waste” not only as a commodity, but to be problematized as a specific reasonable moment of the commodity. What is meant by “the end of the idea of continuity”? Which analytical possibilities does the hypothesis of a society without waste offer us? These are some of the questions to be explored in this dissertation project and further as an interdisciplinary research.

Research interests

  • Social Ontology
  • Political Philosophy
  • Tradition of Critical Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Philosophy of History
  • Aesthetics


Innsbruck Doctoral College "Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization"
Research Focus "Cultural Encounters - Cultural Conflicts"
Room: GEIWI tower, 11th floor, room 4DG25
Mail: Shaghayegh.Bandpey[at]student.uibk.ac.at