The Architecture Chat - Lecture Series 2024


18.06.2024 - ANDREW WITT - Between Architect and World: Language, Data, Mathematics, and AI


The Architecture Chat is the new lecture series of the Institute of Architectural Theory in Innsbruck, dedicated to providing space for discussions about the relation of architecture with philosophy and science.

Communication in architecture is nothing new: a forum, a dialogue, a platform – there are countless formats which allow us to talk to each other. Yet, the Chat has charmed the world as an art of discovery, as for over a year now it transcends its sonorous articulations by reading, thinking and writing computationally through LLMs with us and for us. At this turning point, the Architecture Chat aims to facilitate new concepts and approaches to thinking about architecture, seeking creative ways to bridge intellectual traditions with new narratives in the face of prescient political and natural realities.

This spring, we welcome six guests: Stephan Trüby (Uni Stuttgart), Philippe Morel (The Bartlett), Vera Bühlmann (TU Wien), Tülay Atak (Die Angewandte), Jörg Gleiter (TU Berlin) and Andrew Witt (Harvard GSD) in our faculty to listen to and discuss their recent publications. With the Architecture Chat we hope to touch upon current issues in our discipline, exploring boundaries and formats, discussing rhetoric and formulations, and probing what fascinates us and what might go out of fashion.


past lectures:

11.06.2024 - JÖRG GLEITER - Apokalypse und der Aufschub der Zukunft: 7 Thesen zur Ästhetik der Nachhaltigkeit

28.05.2024 - TÜLAY ATAK - Building Environments, Building Theory

21.05.2024 - VERA BÜHLMANN - Last Things that Remain: Deadalic Tongues and Technical Objects: On the Place of Eschatology through the Lens of Contemporary Natural Philosophy

14.05.2024 - PHILIPPE MOREL - A Few Questions Associated with Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Architecture

25.04.2024 - STEPHAN TRÜBY - Autoritäre (Meta-)Politiken in Architektur und Stadtplanung


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