Institute of Zoology

Zoology in Innsbruck has a longstanding history, and the Department was first founded in 1863. The research of the institute includes evolutionary as well as developmental aspects, molecular physiology and environmental toxicology. Physiological questions are being analyzed from the organismic to the cellular level.

In terms of teaching the institute is responsible for the zoological education of bachelor and master students. The institute contributes to the molecular education of students and offers a PhD program.

Staff at Institute of Zoology - University of Innsbruck

Head of the Institute

Univ. Prof. Dr. Bernd Pelster
Room: 6/14
Phone:   +43 512 507-51860
Fax:   +43 512 507-51899


Erika Bereiter-Prosch
Room: 7/08
Phone:   +43 512 507-51801
Fax:   +43 512 507-51899