Citizen Science

Citizen Science refers to the involvement of the general public or interdisciplinary interested parties in scientific projects. An academic requirement is not necessary. In this way, science can be experienced directly and, at the same time, valuable data of a type and scope that would be difficult to generate without this participation are generated. We at the Institute of Zoology appreciate this successful form of collaboration, where all participants benefit. You can see our current projects on our page. Attention: Participation is welcome!

Citizen Science


WM 23: Citizen Science, Wissenschaftskommunikation und Genderforschung

Learning Objectives:  

  • learn methods and concepts of citizen science and science communication
  • prepare and present scientific content for presentations in oral, written and visual form
  • understand scientific theoretical features of biology including gender aspects
  • acquire a basic set of ethical concepts and theoretical approaches for reflecting on ethical issues in research, application and communication of biological knowledge


  • 719560 VU Citizen Science: Corinna Wallinger

  •  719561 VU Wissenschaftskommunikation: Bettina Thalinger & Michael Traugott

  •  718618 SE Wissenschaftstheorie, Ethik und Genderforschung: Winfried Löffler

Time period:


  1. November – 9. Dezember 2022

Current projects

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