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The university publisher innsbruck university press assists you in realising your open access publication.

Access to information and knowledge is one of the pillars of our modern knowledge society. Therefore, th e University of Innsbruck promotes the growth of the open access movement. We are happy to assist you in realising your open access publication. Through open access, knowledge is disseminated faster and in a more affordable manner. We make your publication accessible free of charge.

  1. Science is a public good:
    Research is mainly funded by the public sector. Therefore, research results should be openly accessible on the internet (free of charge and licensing restrictions).
  2. International visibility and transfer of knowledge:
    Open access not only enhances a publication's visibility in the international scientific community but also facilitates the transfer of scientific findings into society, which could also help in reducing the digital gap between industrialised countries and developing countries.
  3. Knowledge networking:
    Through open availability of the electronic full text through the internet, added values like extensive indexing, linking to other sources, integration of multi media content and a greater dissemination in interdisciplinary contexts can be achieved.
  4. Pricing policies:
    Because of the pricing policies of some publishers, libraries are forced to cancel journal subscriptions and reduce the purchase of books. Thanks to the pressure that open access has created in the form of open access journals and through the archiving of pre- and postscripts, the price increase has at least flattened out over the last couple of years.

Detailed information on open access publishing with iup are available on the publisher's website.


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