OA publishing in established publishers' journals: Agreements with publishers

The University and Regional Library of Tyrol in cooperation with the Kooperation E-Medien Österreich (Austrian Academic Library Consortium) is aiming to negotiate contracts with publishers that enable university members to publish their research results in renowned open access journals either free of charge or with reduced APCs.

Open Access Gold is the primary publication of a scientific text via an online medium, often a renowned journal. This way, the scientific text becomes openly accessible worldwide.

Agreements with publishers

To this end, the University and Regional Library of Tyrol has entered into agreements with the following publishers:

Open Access publishing with American Chemical Society (ACS)

Open Access publishing with Cambridge University Press (CUP)

Open Access publishing with Cogitatio Press

Open Access publishing in De Gruyter journals

Open Access publishing with Elsevier

Open Access publishing with Emerald Group Publishing

Open Access publishing with Institute of Physics (IOP) since 2017

Open Access publishing with IWA (International Water Association) Publishing

Open Access publishing with Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) since 2021

OA publishing in journals of Sage Publications


OA publishing in Springer subscription-based journals since 2016 (Springer Compact)

OA publishing with Taylor & Francis

OA publishing in Wiley subscription-based journals since 2018 (Wiley Open Access Account WOAA)

Reduced-fee OA publishing with AAAS

Reduced-fee OA Publishing with BioMed Central (BMC)/ SpringerOpen

Reduced-fee OA publishing with the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)

The Open Access publications financed by the agreements are continuously made available in the repository of the University of Innsbruck. An overview of the publications can be found here:

Open Access Publishing Agreements [until 2019]

If you have any questions, please contact
University and Regional Library of Tyrol | Electronic Resources Department
Lisa Hofer, tel: +43 (0) 512-507-31038
Erika Pörnbacher, tel: +43 (0) 512-507-2405
Email: ulb-emedien@uibk.ac.at

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