About us


The Department of Public Law, State and Administrative Theory (Institut für öffentliches Recht, Staats- und Verwaltungslehre) belongs to Austria’s top centres of research and education in public law, state and administrative science. Numerous distinguished public law scholars and practitioners have worked at our department and thus contributed to our present position.

The theoretical analysis of the legal fundaments of the state and its relation towards society as well as the individual is a main objective of our department. Accordingly, focus is set on both constitutional and administrative law and theory. Our interdisciplinary approach seeks to meet the modern development of state and society at academic level. Thus, the department shows excellence in many specialized research fields, such as federalism, environmental and alpine law, public management and state theory.

Austria’s integration into the international, in particular European context has always been closely reflected in our academic work. Today, one may truly say that the integrative and comparative analysis of national law in the context of European law is its key feature.

Beyond theoretical reflection, efforts have always been made to stay in contact with public law practitioners. As a consequence, many distinguished and top functionaries at regional, national and European level belong to our alumni.

The internal constitution of our department is based on the fundamental values of liberty, merit and solidarity. This implies that our young academics have sufficient scope to develop their own independent research.

A crucial indicator for the department’s performance is our success in terms of academic education. The training of our students in lectures, seminars and tutorials as well as the supervision of their master and Ph.D theses is seen as one of our top priorities. We take pride in the fact that both the private sector and public administration attach importance to recruiting our alumni.

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