As part of our inclusion project, we would like to increase the number of employees with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses and encourage qualified persons to apply to the University of Innsbruck.

On 11 December 2018, the University of Innsbruck was awarded the "Diversitas" diversity management prize by the Ministry of Education, Science and Research for its inclusion work. This is a great incentive for us not only to continue our inclusion measures, but also to expand them further.

We would also like to communicate our efforts for a more inclusive society to the outside world. Together with students of political science, Elisabeth Rieder, head of the Office of the Representative for the Disabled, wrote the book "Politics and Disability in Austria". It is not only intended to contribute to a greater awareness of the issue of disability policy at the university.

If you have any questions regarding job advertisements and/or would like professional support in the application process, please contact Dr. Elisabeth Rieder (general staff,, +43 512 507-8889) or Dr. Adolf Sandbichler (scientific staff,, +43 512 507-51868).

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