The Faculty of Language, Literature, and Culture offers various Minors (Complementary Subject Areas) for students of Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Minors are modules corresponding to 30 ECTS-Credits that complement the subject-specific contents with contents of other disciplines/study programmes that are not available in studied programme. Minors are passed within the scope of the study programmes, this means within the 180 ECTS-Credits of the Bachelor’s programme or within the 120 ECTS-Credits of the Master’s programme.

Whether a Minor can be passed is specified in the respective curriculum. Successfully passed Minors are listed in the Diploma Supplement as well as in the final certificate. If a Minor has been started but not finished, then only the successfully passed modules/courses are listed. 

In the following you can find the Minors offered by our Faculty and their Associate Deans of Studies who can help you with questions about the minors' contents or their credits.



Minors for Bachelor's Programmes

Communicative Skills for the Profession

Minors for Master's Programmes

Business Communication

German as a Foreign and a Second Language


You can find a list of all Minors offered by the university here.

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