The Faculty of Language, Literature, and Culture offers a number of Minors (Complementary Subject Areas) for BA as well as MA students. Minors are modules amounting to 30 ECTS-Credits from other fields of study, and they give students the opportunity to establish connections between their own and other disciplines. Therefore, in addition to the required specialisation, students develop a breadth of knowledge and skills while further developing and critically reflecting on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary competences. Minors are one way to complete the Electives (30 ECTS-Credits).
If completed, Minors are explicitly indicated in the final diploma and diploma supplement. Registration for Minors is not required; you can decide yourself in which semester you start. All study programmes offered by our faculty (except the teacher training programmes and Translation Studies) allow the completion of a Minor. Whether other study programmes do is specified in the respective curricula. Below, you can find the Minors offered by our faculty and the respective contact person who can provide more information.


Minors for Bachelor's Programmes

Communicative Skills for the Profession

Minors for Master's Programmes

Business Communication

German as a Foreign and a Second Language


You can find a list of all Minors offered by the university here.

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