Bachelor's Programmes

The following Bachelor's programmes are offered by our faculty:

These Bachelor's programmes are divided into two parts. The main part (150 ECTS-Credits) consists of compulsory and elective modules in the respective Bachelor's programme. The electives (30 ECTS-AP) conist of Interdisciplinary Skills and your Individual Choice of Specialisation and can be completed either with one of the so-called Minors or with freely selectable BA-level modules and courses.


Bachelor's Programmes: 180 ECTS-Credits

150 ECTS-Credits Compulsory and Elective Modules

in the respective Bachelor's Programme

plus Bachelor's Thesis

30 ECTS-Credits Electives
(Interdisciplinary Skills / Individual Choice of Specialisation)

Option 1: Minor

Option 2: Free Choice



Option 1: Minors

Minors are modules amounting to 30 ECTS-Credits from other fields of study. If completed, they are explicitly indicated in the final diploma. Registration for Minors is not required; you can decide yourself in which semester you start.

The following Minors are offered for further education outside your study programme:

You can find a list of all Minors offered by the university here.

Option 2: Free Choice

You can freely choose courses from the Bachelor's programmes at the University of Innsbruck as part of the Interdisciplinary Skills (amounting to 10 ECTS-Credits) and modules as part of the Individual Choice of Specialization (amounting to 20 ECTS-Credits).



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