Bachelor's Programmes

The following Bachelor's programmes are offered by our faculty:

You can find a list of all Bachelor's programmes offered by the university here.

These Bachelor's programmes are divided into two parts. The main part (150 ECTS-Credits) consists of compulsory and elective modules in the respective Bachelor's programme. The electives (30 ECTS-AP) conist of Interdisciplinary Skills and your Individual Choice of Specialisation and can be completed either with one of the so-called Minors or with freely selectable BA-level modules and courses.


Bachelor's Programmes: 180 ECTS-Credits

150 ECTS-Credits Compulsory and Elective Modules

in the respective Bachelor's Programme

including Bachelor's Thesis

30 ECTS-Credits Electives
(Interdisciplinary Skills / Individual Choice of Specialisation)

Option 1: Minor

Option 2: Free Choice



Option 1: Minors

Minors are modules amounting to 30 ECTS-Credits from other fields of study, and they give students the opportunity to establish connections between their own and other disciplines. You can find more information about Minors here.

The following Minors are offered for further education outside your study programme:

You can find a list of all Minors offered by the university here.

Option 2: Free Choice

You can freely choose courses from the Bachelor's programmes at the University of Innsbruck as part of the Interdisciplinary Skills (amounting to 10 ECTS-Credits) and modules as part of the Individual Choice of Specialization (amounting to 20 ECTS-Credits).



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