Curriculum Commission

The Curriculum Commission is a commission of the Senate; as such, its term of office corresponds to that of the Senate. The Curriculum Commission is responsible for developing curricula and making changes to existing curricula. The Commission carries out tasks assigned to it by the Senate and submits its results to the Senate for final approval.

The Curriculum Commission of the Faculty of Language, Literature and Culture has twelve members; each of the University’s three staff groups appoints four members.

The members of the Curriculum Commission are chosen by the senior professorial staff and mid-level faculty of the Senate, and student members are chosen by the Austrian National Union of Students (Österreichische Hochschülerschaft, ÖH).

The Dean of Studies and the Associate Deans of Studies, insofar as they are not already members of the Curriculum Commission, are co-opted members with the right to submit motions.

The current Curriculum Commission was constituted on 24 October 2013.

The chairperson is Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Werner Marxgut, and the vice chairperson is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Schröder.

Meetings are held as needed in accordance with the tasks assigned by the Senate. Depending on the tasks assigned, the Curriculum Commission’s activities may be intensive.


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