Master's Programme Physics

The Master's Programme Physics prepares for a highly qualified occupation in industry and in research as well as for the Doctor of Philosophy Programme Physics.

It deepens and widens the abilities and the knowledge in the field of physics that have been acquired during the Bachelor's Programme Physics, and mainly deepens the ability for independent scientific working.

General Information

Our new Master's Programme started in 2020 and offers the possibily to specialise in one of the research directions in physics at Innsbruck University. The Master's Programme consists of a first year where students follow lectures and possibly laboratory classes and a second year focusing on original research with the Master's thesis at its heart. We put great emphasize on a flexible curriculum such that contents and topics of lectures can be adapted radidly according to new research directions and interests of both students and researchers.

Therefore the course we offer may change somewhat from year to year, see the list of courses.

If you hold a Bachelor's degree in Physics or equivalent you are welcome to apply (details on the requirements and the application procedure).

Switching to the new curriculum is possible. You will have to apply online for the new master's programme here and can transfer your credits according to the equivalence list.

The switch is recommended only for students who have collected only few credits so far. If you are missing only the modules associtated with the master's these (Forschungspraktikum, Seminar) and a couple of other courses you should remain in the old curriculum -- contact directly the Dean of Studies (Prof. Thomas Franosch) if you want more flexibility in the old curriculum.

If you have further question on our Master's programme please contact the Dean of Studies (Prof. Thomas Franosch) in his consultation hour.

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