Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Miyamoto, Kenji; Moser, Georg (E-first): Herbrand complexity and the epsilon calculus with equality.
    In: Archive for Mathematical Logic. (DOI) (Web link)

Research Projects

  • Frontull, Samuel; Hell, Tobias Josef: Maschinelle Übersetzung für die ladinische Sprache.
    Istitut Ladin Micurà de rü
    2021-09-01 - 2024-08-31

  • Moser, Georg: AUTOSARD. Automated Sublinear Amortised Resource Analysis of Data Structures.
    Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF), Einzelprojekt
    2023-04-01 - 2026-03-31


  • Moser, Georg: Antrag auf Zuschuss für Veranstaltung International Summer School ISR 2024.
    Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck - International Relations Office, Staff Incoming
    2024-08-25 - 2024-09-01

  • Moser, Georg: Royal Society International Exchange Award.
    The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge
    2023-03-31 - 2025-03-30

Presentations at Conferences, Symposia, etc.

Conference Lecture (Upon Registration)
  • Lecturer(s): Kammar, Ohad Co-author(s): Moser, Georg: Semantic foundations of potential-synthesis for expected amortised-cost analysis.
    11th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Higher-Order Programming with Effects (HOPE@ICFP 2023), Seattle, 2023-09-04 (Online). (Web link)

  • Lecturer(s): Moser, Georg Co-author(s): Avanzini, Martin; Schaper, Michael: Automated Expected Value Analysis of Recursive Programs.
    PLDI 2023 - Programming Language Design and Implementation, Orlando, 2023-06-20. (Web link)

Lecture at Summer-/Winterschool
  • Lecturer(s): Moser, Georg: Cichon's Conjecture and other Fallacies.
    Autumn school "Proof and Computation", Herrsching, 2023-09-11. (Web link)

Guest Lectures

Guest Lecture
  • Lecturer(s): Moser, Georg: Automated Expected Cost Analysis of Splaying et al.
    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, 2023-06-08. (Web link)

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