The following guidelines will help you to prepare your bachelor thesis according to the requirements of the TCS group.


Do not underestimate the time needed to complete a bachelor or master thesis! Start by fixing the content and structure the thesis in a top-down manner. It is recommended not to delay the writing of the thesis until the very end.


The thesis should be a complete and detailed documentation of the work performed for the project; a fellow student should be able to continue the project from the description. The thesis should be self-contained (but references to standard course material are allowed).

A bachelor or master thesis is typically organized as follows:

  • introductory part: title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction
  • main part: background, results, algorithms, experiments
  • software part (if any): high-level description, code examples, user manual, installation instructions
  • concluding part: summary, conclusions, future work, bibliography

Language and Typesetting

We thesis has to be written in English. Theses must be written in LaTeX2e.


Make sure to use a spell checker. Send a pre-final version of your thesis to your supervisor for final comments.


The thesis must be submitted to the supervisor before the final presentation in the bachelor seminar or the master defense can be scheduled. Comments received by the supervisor after the final presentation have to be incorporated before the thesis is finally submitted.


Electronically provide the following data (e.g., via email) to your supervisor:

  • thesis.pdf
  • a ZIP archive containing: software (source code and executable binary), README.txt (listing contents of ZIP archive plus installation instructions), any further material (e.g., examples or additional documentation)
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